Mother & Daughter Summer Package

Make lasting memories with your daughter this summer.

Would your daughter love to feel grown up?
She see’s how happy you are after visiting the salon. Asking for you to take her with you.
Is she aged between 8 to 13 years old? Why not treat her this summer, the bonus is you get treated too!

You’ll get to see a massive grin on her face and feeling all grown up. She’ll get her own professional stylist to her self. Who will look after her and show her how to brush her hair & give her a finished look, leaving her feeling on cloud nine for the rest of the day. πŸ₯°

What about you? You’ll get to recoup and collect your thoughts. Enjoy a drink without being interrupted. Feel relaxed in a calm atmosphere. And walk out feeling a million dollars too!Β 

Sound good? Here are the details.

NEW mother & daughter package Β£87, (valued at Β£110) and is only available until 31st August

πŸ’• Each have your own hair stylist working one to one with you

πŸ’• You’ll both enjoy hair treatments with a calming head massage.

πŸ’• Magazines to flick through while you both enjoy your drinks

πŸ’• Professional hair cuts

πŸ’• Your hair will be blowdried to your desire

πŸ’• Choice of finishing styles to choose from

πŸ’• Luxury hair care used

πŸ’• Your daughter will learn the best ways to brush her own hairΒ 

πŸ’• After care advice givenΒ 

πŸ’• Goody bags to take home

πŸ’• Enjoy making memories together

πŸ’• Feel recharged & beautifulΒ 

If this sounds like something you & your daughter would love, click the link below to fill out our form to pick your choices, allowing for a personalised bespoke package.Β